Hold This

Hold this before it flies
lifted by autumn’s breeze;
deep desire never dies
flaming against the freeze.

Hold this before it sinks
sucked down by cold lament;
tenderness is the link,
a spark to love unspent.

Hold this with charity -
awakened it shall rise
again, scattering free
red petals of surprise.

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I stand before you,
tongue-tied and lovestruck,
the words once rehearsed,
winged by sweet luck.

I listen for a sign
clamouring from deep,
eloquence ablaze,
seasoned by sleep.

I palm you some lines
mellowed by sorrow,
lighting fresh intent,
dance on the morrow.

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Even Though

Even though
you are not here,
everywhere sings
and the tune
rings clear.

Even though
words may fail,
meaning spills
in every detail.

Even though
hours pass by,
yearning burns
as sorrows die.

Even though
torment strikes,
your presence
blooms on
bliss-strewn hikes.

Even though
vision is torn,
beauty breathes
forever reborn.

Even though
the heart shall weep,
wonderment swells,
knowing love
runs deep.

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Wherever I step,
there you tread
with a questing

Wherever I roam,
there you float
in a timeless

Wherever I am,
there you are
through, the lovestruck


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You come to me in dreams,
a light that always gleams;
On every path I walk,
ensorcelled by your talk.

You come to me in mind,
a spell that gushes kind;
Greening my arid heart,
from touch do fountains start.

You come to me in need,
stating a sacred creed;
I read what you convey,
a beacon come what may.


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A beer on a hot summer’s day,

Spirit soaring on the fragrant breeze,

The smile of a stranger, gifted.

Ducks dancing on rippling water,

Words written from a distant lover,

Memories melting in pulsing heat,

The thread of love in everything.

Even the merest glimpse is enough,

breaking always on the cusp of knowledge,

for all and more – thankful, I tremble.

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A child’s laughter,

Rising like a balloon.

The whispering sea,

Nursing songs of joy.

The dog chasing a bird,

Caught by the current.

People converge,

Sun-struck and content,

Melting as one;

Faraway, the past ebbs

Sucked into the breeze.

Immersed in the moment,

These fragments roar;

A prayer for life,

The prospect of more.

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