I rest between your thighs
Drinking from your cup;
My tongue tracing your name,
The letters heading up.

I kiss your quivering breasts
Soft as velvet spread,
Fingers locked together,
Tenderness undead.

I love your liquid eyes,
Smiles rippling the brim,
A sea wherein fears melt,
Splendour stays undimmed.

I suck with tears of joy,
Your lips breathing fire;
As evening teases dawn,
The spinning of desire.

I marvel at this life,
Selves distinct as wine;
Blending separate notes,
Wonder is we, not mine.

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Lines On A Bench

It is so easy
To while away
An hour or two,
And consider
The horrors
Of being

But what
Is more thrilling
Richly enchanting
Than musing upon
This great miracle
That daily
Assaults us?

Chores clamour
And claw
Our hungry selves
– ravenous fiends –
Setting aside time
Is a way
To keep lean.

Engaged in the act,
Laughter echoing
Across the park.
The tenderness
Of love,
Stilling the dark.

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How quick it all disappears,
The fleetingness all to real;
Catch it while you can, this joy,
Before death scatters all to dust
And longings melt into space.


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Love Cycle

Drinking deep
Sorrow transforms into joy
A sudden surprise

A sudden surprise
Hearing beautiful words
Coming from your lips

Coming from your lips
Enduring mysteries
Flooding love’s landscape.

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Early Morning

Not a sound stirring
Save your gentle breath
Whispering joy.

I stare for endless minutes
Gripped by love,
Grateful for this gift

That life has
With sweet abundance.

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April 21, 2016 · 9:19 am


Walking along the sea
Immersed in mist,
Grasping at beauty
One thought dominates my being –
You in all your glory.
You in all your earthly radiance .
You in all your blazing modesty.
Without you,  I am empty.
A shell blowing in the breeze.
Wherever I step, you blaze,
A burning presence
Rising from the ground –
A light of vitality,
A beacon of beauty,
A touch of Spring
Forged in elemental flames.

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April 15, 2016 · 8:19 pm

Through The Cracks

On the peaks
At twilight,
Silence falls
Through the cracks.

Nothing stirs
Save Nature’s cries;
Pure it is
To taste the thrill.

This ancient world
Woven with myths;
The trodden earth,
A sponge of hope.

Coming down
Free and fearless,
The message calls –
Marvels last.

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