How far away from one another
Are two souls torn by land and sea.
In the thick of night coiled in fetid heat
One body clings on to scraps of hope
Drifting in and out of merciless dreams,
Seeking a burning star bridging empty space.

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Ducks cresting the ripples
On a still September day,
Boats idling in the sun,
Children coming out to play.
Trees shedding their leaves,
Light teasing shadows,
Dogs scenting contentment,
Peace reigns over this scene.


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A Wander in the Woods



A wander in the woods.
Early morning and the mist rising.
Earth shedding its holy cloak.
Revel in golden anticipation
At the sight of natural flight,
Enduring wood and ageless rivers.
What wild forces flow here.
Away from humdrum worries,
This cathedral of green
Expands the eager heart.


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We need those quiet spaces
Sanctuary of serenity
Haven of hope
Retreat of reverence
Just as much as we need:
Love, water, touch, kindness.

We need those quiet spaces
To reflect and ponder
Upon the great mysteries
And untold beauties
We have yet to discover,
Travellers of the unkown.

We need those quiet spaces,
Plants hungry for the sun
To grow and nourish our selves,
Shedding tired skins and cold scars;
Refreshed in the bowl of peace,
Keen to taste the fruits
Once more.

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At Rest


Standing still on the Canyon.
Watching sunrise kissing the rim.
Earth’s bright glory unveiled.
The gentle breeze stirring life.
Memories kindled into being.
How minnow troubles seem
When faced with such grandeur.
Stone and splendour shaped by time,
Like love endlessly enshrined.


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Whenever the bell chimes
My heart skips a beat.
One word is all it takes
To send  me fluttering
Through this vibrant world.


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Show me your sorrow
And I will tell
You my fears.
For what is more real
Than beauty in tears?

Show me your joy
And I will tell
You my needs.
For what is more pure
Where tenderness bleeds?

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